The following links are to selections of my video work from over the past 2 decades, in no particular order.  They range in scope from the straightforward to the absurd, from educational documentaries to experimentally bizarre.  In some clips, I am featured as an actor or performer, in others, I shot and/or edited them.  The details can be found on my vimeo page->

Forrofluid Waveform Generator

This one is demonstration of an experimental multi-media instrument I worked on while in graduate school at NYU. The project was a joint venture with Jimmy Chung while we were at ITP in 2002.

Unstill Life

This performance / installation was part of High Desert Test Sites IV in 2006, part of a sprawling series of art exhibitions curated by Andrea Zittel that takes place in the Mojave Desert.

Yama no Ongaku (Mountain Sounds)

This clip is a short out take from  graduate school at NYU in 2002 where I demonstrate my custom-built noise instrument that can be played without physically touching it.
<h2>Dictatorship of the Proletariat Garden</h2>
This is a collaboration with my sister Marie Lorenz that we worked on in 1998 while living in St. Petersburg, Russia.


This chaotic ensemble of chromatic characters recasts the classic struggle between good and evil into a chaotic choreography of additive and subtractive colors.  The 1st WORKFORCE performance was a free show at Voltaire Street Space in Ocean Beach in 2005.

W0RKF0RCE – “How it’s Crayed”

In this video, a W0RKF0RCE parody of TV show “How it’s Made”, viewers are treated to a crash-course in DIY costume & mask design.  We demonstrate how to configure a number of the colorful “Snouts” featured in W0RKF0RCE performance art scenarios.

Remote Action Sequence Project

Remote Action Sequence Project was a 3-piece band from 1996 consisting of Jason Soares (bass), Rob Crow (guitar/vocals), and myself (drums/gocarts).

Willoughby Skate Crew

When I moved to Bushwick in 2006, I started teaching some of the local kids on my block how to set up, ride & maintain skateboards."

 Ruta Del Jaka – “Gringaso”

In the summer of 2004 I worked as an actor in an independent film shot on locations throughout Peru.  After the production was finished, I staged a day-long series of site-specific performances & installations in the mountain city of Huaraz.

 OBITS – “Pine On”
In 2008 I was asked to make a music video for the Brooklyn-based band OBITS.  The video chronicles a bizarre experiment conducted with specimens fished out of the Newtown Creek in Greenpoint, one of the most polluted waterways in the nation."

Flight around Matterhorn

I shot this clip from a Llama helicopter in 2009 while shadowing a Eurocopter EC145 on a hoist demonstration near Zermatt in the Swiss Alps.  It remains, to this day,  the wildest ride I’ve ever taken.

The Annual IKAR Video Series

Each year since 2007, my video production company Topograph Media has documented the highlights of the International Mountain Rescue Congress.   For more mountain rescue related videos, visit

Suspicious Hackage

This is a short clip that describes the retrospective art show I had in March of 2012 at the Disclosed unLocation gallery in North Park, San Diego. The installation featured a selection of hand-made and reconfigured electronic gadgets I’ve been traveling around with over the past decade or so. On display were a number of customized hand-held audio/visual devices called “Snuitcases”."