For over 20 years I’ve been teaching coursework that includes at the university level, youth arts & technology classes, and language. My work as an educator began in the late 90’s with an English language trajectory that took me from the USA to Poland, Russia, Japan and back again. In New York City in the mid 2000’s, I started working in the media fields to help students gain skills in arts & technology such as animation, digital storytelling, and electronics. More recently I’ve taught as an lecturer at the University of San Diego California in an experimental video production course.

My philosophy is to emphasize an active, hands-on approach to develop real skills that empower new techniques or technologies.   I have been fortunate to assemble a wide range of abilities and experiences, which in turn I’ve been inspired to disseminate as well. My students have ranged in age from kids to senior citizens, from all walks of life and educational backgrounds, including university students, pilots, special needs learners, business leaders, policemen, home makers, urban youth, master technicians, and visual artists.


Presentation for students of Charles Curtis’ Music Composition course, UCSD November 2012.

Universities, Schools & Institutions

University of California San Diego, Media Arts Center (San Diego), Quad Manhattan School, Henry Street Settlement (New York City), Berlitz School, Embassy CS (San Diego), Unitas (Yamanashi, Japan), American Academy (Częstochowa, Poland), Lado International College (Washington D.C.).

Mobile Physical Computing Station. This rolling hack stand contains the gear to diagnose & repair all manner of electronic gadgets and circuitry.

In my basic robotics class course I taught kids how to safely and capably dismantle and troubleshoot household electronics and how to repurpose them.

Presentations, Talks & Workshops

I’ve also had opportunities to share knowledge and skills outside of the classroom by giving public workshops & presentations. These have ranged from free tutorials on making things, talks on various subjects, and free “how-to” gatherings geared towards helping people learn new things.

In no particular order, some of the highlights include:

Trees Not Trash:  Workshops related to community gardening, street bench building, and seed bomb making, facilitating street tree giveaways (with Million Trees Initiative). Brooklyn, NYC.

Bushwick Food Coop: Presentations about healthier diets in NYC, farmers markets, urban collectives, and bilingual outreach to the Spanish speaking community. Brooklyn & Queens, NYC.

Build It Green NY: Hands-on tutorials about storm water harvesting for urban gardens, rooftop planter boxes from salvaged materials, compost bin fabrication with recycled olive buckets. Queens, NYC.

STEAM Day for Educators: Held a day-long workshop for youth educators at the Children’s Museum about how to more effectively incorporate Arts & Technology into their curricula. San Diego, CA.

Video Production: Gave tutorials & talks at high/middle schools on how to leverage skills with digital video into a career in the media arts, Innovations Academy, University City High School. San Diego.

Assorted Talks on Various Subjects:

ELIPAM Phoneme Modeler: Presentation about human sounds for Charles Curtis’ composition class at University of California, SD.

Money as Tool: Discussion about how coins and currency can be viewed as historical documents and crude tools. Artists Space, NYC.

The Iran Experiment: Presentation on a 2-month overland journey from Germany through Iran & back. NYU, Tisch School of Art, NYC.

TOEFL Test Primer: Gave lectures to university students about how to best prepare for the TOEFL English test. Sankt Peterburg, Russia.

New Lingua Franca: Presentation on an original universal language project I had been working on. Kofu Cultural Center, Japan.

Currently ghostwriting an unauthorized autobiography…