AUDIENCE OF ONE is the name of a solo project that I have been known to startle unsuspecting audiences with over the years (though as the name implies, sometimes I am the only one who is in on the act.)   A01 recordings rely heavily on my mouth-produced sounds such as beat boxing, throat singing, & strange hybrid noises.

“Skatesynth” – Rideable Instrument for noise performances.
“Fritatta” – produced by Pea Hicks with drums by Jay Lesser

Track 2

Remote Action Sequence Project was a 3-piece project from 1996 consisting of Jason Soares (bass), Rob Crow (guitar/vocals), and myself (drums/gocarts). We only were together for about half a year, during which time we played a good number of house/garage parties (Arizona house, Spanakorzo house, 3rd & Ivy), a campus (USD Cafe), an in-store (Off the Record Hillcrest), and assorted venues (Che Cafe w/ a Minor Forest, World Beat Center w/ Boilermaker, & the Casbah w/ Wesley Willis). The 2 best shows were down in Tijuana (anarchist bookstore off of Revolucion w/ Biciazul & a racetrack w/the Swirlies). We recorded a record of songs at the Hypnoloft in downtown San Diego, the masters of which are in the possession of Rob Crow, who threatens periodically to do something with them. UPDATE- Rob finally released our old recordings as part of a music residency.



W0RKF0RCE is the name of the 30+ chromatically costumed performers that unite periodically to wreak bright and noisy havoc on stages, screens, and floors alike.  The soundtracks that score these live events are produced by a band called W0RK (Myself, Jfre ROBOT Coad, Jason Soares, and Pea Hicks.) All songs were live recorded in my custom built snauthaus studio, straight to cassette, without being practiced, overdubbed or sampled, using MOOG rogue synthesizers, a swap meet electronic drum kit, and processed through the Cold War Snuitcase (SP-303/Line 6 combo rig.)  The compositions are never mixed or mastered, only chopped up for concision, and often include audible remarks as we would discuss or argue about the recording process.

W0RK in full effect - All tracks recorded straight to tape, never overdubbed or mastered
W0RK in full effect – All tracks recorded straight to tape, never overdubbed or mastered



 ASPECTS OF PHYSICS is the an electronic music ensemble of which I am an original member since around Y2K.  I do projected media at our live shows, as well as trigger samples and play feedback with walkie talkies using my Cold War Snuitcase (SP-303 Effects Box & Line-6 Delay Modeler.)

“Crushendo”  from the album “Marginalized Information Forms 2: Cumulative Error.


Currently ghostwriting an unauthorized autobiography…