I’ve been riding skateboards for most of my life. Whether as a way to get around, or as an outlet for creative expression, it’s been extremely instrumental in my life. Some of the friends from our VSL crew in Vista over 30 years ago remain in my close circle to this day.

Frontside Boneless on a Powell Peralta Caballero at our house in Vista, 1986.
I helped design and build the 1st skatepark on the island of Okinawa in ’87.
This shot of Mike McGil at Del Mar Skate Ranch is iconic! (J. Grant Brittain photo)
I used to help Mike maintain the ramps at his park in Carlsbad for free skate days.

Willoughby Skate Crew

When I moved to Bushwick in 2006, I started teaching some of the local kids on my block how to set up, ride & maintain skateboards.


Currently ghostwriting an unauthorized autobiography…