I run a small video production firm called Topograph Media that specializes in educational and not-for-profit documentary projects. Areas of interest tend to be focused on mountain rescue education and history, both international and domestic. To view videos, visit:
Below are links to organizations I have worked or volunteered with.
TheExperiment.Org I am one of the founding contributors to an ongoing series of hacks, experiments and art projects.
Media Arts Center San Diego  is a place where I teach classes in new media literacy, video production, and web publishing.
Disclosed Unlocation Gallery since 2013 I have been one of the managing members of a DIY art gallery in North Park, San Diego.
The Quad Manhattan, as Director of Technologies for a school & high tech recreation center in New York City.
I was the core member of Trees Not Trash, a neighborhood beautification project in Bushwick, Brooklyn. Projects included various community gardens as well as partnering with the Departments of Transportation and Sanitation, Citizens Committee for NYC, Parks & Recreation, Million Trees Initiative and Bushwick Libraries to make Bushwick Greener. For more information visit:  Heritage Radio Network interview

Bushwick Food Cooperative was incorporated in 2010 in Brooklyn to bring fresh quality produce to our community.   I was one of the founding members and served on the Board of Directors.

The Producers Project at the Henry Street Settlement.  I taught a series of video production workshops for urban youth in Lower Manhattan.
Build It Green NYC I worked as a deconstructionist / green-building specialist at the largest salvaged materials warehouse in NYC.
Brooklyn Grange Farms  is the largest series of rooftop farm in the country.  In the early planning stages, I assisted the core members with urban gardening techniques and logistical support.
Singing Serpent Music Studios  I helped design and build out the first of several avant-garde music studios in San Diego and New York City.