Curtis Residence

Custom residence in Ocean Beach by Architect Rudiger Thierhoff. Built by F. Math Lorenz with Jason X. Lane between 2005-2007.

Friedman Bath House

Outdoor shower made of recycled windows, doors & clawfoot tub.  It drains into the garden and is ideal for moonlight baths.bath haus (1)

Storage Bench

Designed to be used as seating and for stashing toys and equipment.  I made it from Douglas fir 1by2 stock, and blended the lip into the front side so you can’t really tell it’s openable.

 Tracked Rolling Door

Moveable door to open up or seal off backyard from patio.


Hill House in Minnesota

Weathered barn planks used for interior wall behind fireplace.


Handmade Amphibious Craft

Made entirely of plywood & 2by4s to navigate the waterways of NY. This craft was later transformed into a sarcaphogus by the art collective DEARRAINDROP for a show at Deitch Gallery in 2004.


 Stormwater Management System

Using a downspout bypass to keep a few old olive barrels topped off, the system can capture enough rain to hydrate a 25′ by 30′ rooftop garden filled with trees, vines, shrubs and plants.  There is also a hacked sump pump & hoses to distribute water elsewhere if needed.
Stormwater management system


This broken sand filter machine was discarded in our garage space by a pair of disgruntled fishmongers.  A coat of gold paint and an old boiler thermometer was all it took to turn the shell into a beerbot.




In Brooklyn, it’s all about having a killer outdoor space to enjoy the few parts of the year that the weather is agreeable.  Over the course of a few years, I developed our barren rooftop into a thriving green zone in which to relax, have BBQs & escape the metropolitan grind.I made a ton of planter boxes, trellises, windscreens, rainwater collectors, and benches with salvaged materials from my work at Build it Green NY.