I’ve been building things since I was a kid, starting with skateboard ramps, go-carts, & tree houses. Since then I’ve developed a solid construction skill set that includes a wide spectrum of trades, such as framing, plumbing, electrical, concrete, flooring, roofing, tile, insulation, HVAC, windows and doors, painting & finish work. In 2014 I earned my General Contractor’s License (California Type “B”) and started a sole proprietorship called Lorenzkraft Design/Build.

Curtis Residence

Custom residence in Ocean Beach by Architect Rudiger Thierhoff. Built by F. Math Lorenz and Jason X. Lane.

Geo Dome

Remodel of a geodesic dome to accent natural hexagonal features.

Storage Bench

Designed to be used as seating and for stashing toys & equipment.  I made it from Douglas fir 1by2 stock, and blended the lip into the front side so you can’t tell it can be opened.

Hill House in Minnesota with Recycled Barn Planks

Weathered barn planks used for interior wall behind fireplace. We got the wood from a local farmer who took them off his old barn.


Friedman Recycled Bath House

Outdoor shower made of recycled windows, doors & clawfoot tub.  The water feeds into the garden, and it’s ideal for moonlight baths.

bath haus (1)

Handmade Amphibious Craft

Inspired by my sister Marie, who makes her own boats to navigate the waterways of NY. Built of plywood & 2by4s, this craft was later transformed into a Sarcaphogus sculpture by the art collective DEARRAINDROP for their show at the Deitch Gallery in 2004.


Currently ghostwriting an unauthorized autobiography…