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Unstill Life

This performance / installation was during High Desert Test Sites IV in 2006, part of a sprawling series of art exhibitions curated by Andrea Zittel that takes place throughout the Mojave Desert.


suspicious hackage
Customized hand-held audio/visual devices called “snuitcases”.  I have been making these for the past decade for use in portable sound installations and performance art pieces.

Energy Language Project

elipsisVisit to launch the BETA ELIPSIS
ELIPSIS is an open-source toolkit for language education, the study of phonetics, and sound experimentation. It’s also a unique resource with which to experience information in new ways. The unique screen based interface maps out the diverse ways that the human vocal apparatus produces its rich inventory of sounds. This original multi-sensory approach to learning about phonetics was conceived by F. Mathias Lorenz in Madrid in1996, and is under ongoing technical development with the expertise of Jason Soares.

OBITS "Pine On"

I made this clip for the Brooklyn-based band OBITS. The video chronicles a bizarre experiment conducted with specimens fished out of the Newtown Creek in Greenpoint, one of the most polluted waterways in the nation.

Suspicious Hackage

This is a short clip that describes the retrospective art installation I did in March of 2012 at the Disclosed unLocation gallery in South Park, San Diego. The show featured a selection of hand-made & reconfigured electronic gadgets I’ve been traveling around with for the past decade. On display were a number of customized portable audio/visual devices called “Snuitcases”.