how it's crayed


My favorite forms of creative expression are experimental and out of the ordinary. They tend to be off the grid, under the radar, and defy easy categorization. Avant-garde and interdisciplinary works have the potential to show us new ways of experiencing the world around us. They can also help us to synthesize novel combinations of art and culture, as well as blend technique with technology.

ART AS MASHUP: As in language or chemistry, a finite number of a bits can be reconfigured an infinite number of ways to synthesize new forms of creative expression. Deliberate manipulation and cross-pollination can yield interesting results. Random creative events occurring “in the wild” (outside of traditional venues) have the potential to open peoples’ eyes and engender curiosity.

I tend to explore and engage in interdisciplinary work that enables a confluence of disparate media. I’ve also come to appreciate, and be inspired by, the work of art world “outsiders”; people for whom the traditional performative realms of the gallery, screen, or stage are limiting, if not invisible. I respect the willingness and ability of creative individuals to describe their work to the general public.

Currently ghostwriting an unauthorized autobiography…