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I’m an artist, educator, technologist, design/builder & language engineer. I’m interested in the evolution of technology, human communication systems, experimentation, & figuring out how things work. 


My favorite forms of creative expression are experimental and out of the ordinary. They tend to be off the grid, under the radar, and defy easy categorization. These avant-garde and interdisciplinary works have the potential to show us new ways of experiencing the world around us. They can also help us to synthesize novel combinations of art and culture, as well as blend technique and technology. Galleries are great, provided there’s something interesting going on inside. Museums are worthwhile, but better on days when they are free. Private collections are valuable insofar as they preserve unique work, but less so in terms of allowing that work to be seen by a wider audience. The circumscribed environments within which the traditional art world operates can often be too rigid and inaccessible to be enjoyed by many outside these narrow boundaries.
Public events and street-accessible installations can be inspiring, even more so when they take the viewer by surprise. A sculpture can be more engaging when it somehow responds to energy and information from its surroundings. Interactive works of art gain an even deeper level of intrigue when they contain some conceptual component in design or delivery. As in language or chemistry, a finite number of raw bits can be reconfigured an infinite number of ways, and deliberate manipulation and cross-pollination can yield interesting results. Random creative events occurring “in the wild” (or outside of traditional venues) have the potential to open peoples’ eyes and engender a sense of curiosity.
I tend to favor hybrid works that combine multiple disciplines or media. For these reasons, I’ve come to appreciate, and be inspired by, the work of art world “outsiders”; people for whom the traditional performative realms of the gallery, screen, or stage are too limiting, if not invisible. I also respect the willingness and ability of creative individuals to describe their work to non-artists.

Selected Works

The following is an abridged chronicle of performances, shows, screenings, workshops, interviews, presentations, installations, and happenings. Some have taken place in traditional venues such as theaters, museums, radio stations, concert halls, and galleries.  Other have happened on the street, in the mountains, on ships, in the desert, at train stations, in churches, on scaffoldings, & from city rooftops. I’ve made use of traditional materials & instruments such as drums, screens, and synthesizers, as well as less conventional ones such as parachutes,  walkie talkies, weather balloons, repurposed projectors, shortwave radios, and even a jackhammer.
Much of this work has been free of charge & open to the public. Some of it has been conducted in the wild.

Shows, Performances, Events & Presentations


  • “Casbah 25th Anniversary Concert Series” Live video projection w/ Three Mile Pilot & Titwrench at the Casbah, San Diego


  • “I am sitting in a room” 2-day installation / performance of Alvin Lucier’s 1969 piece, Bread & Salt Gallery, Barrio Logan, San Diego
  • “Teaching Hands-on Tech” Presentation / workshop for Arts & Technology instructors, New Children’s Museum, San Diego
  • “Trajectories” Presentation on the basics of a career in the New Media professions for graduating UCHS students, San Diego
  • “Reserve ‘Chute Screening” Projected installations using a 30’ parachute from 1943 as an outdoor screen, Bay Park, San Diego


  • “Energy Language International Phonetic Alphabet Modeler” Presentation, Charles Curtis class, UCSD, San Diego
  • “Suspicious Hackage” Solo retrospective of portable sound devices, Disclosed unLocation Gallery, North Park San Diego
  • “Art-Core Cancer Fundraisers” Curator/organizer of group art auction & concerts at TigerTiger! & Casbah, San Diego
  • “W0RKF0RCE V” Ensemble Multi-media performance & projected installation, Whistlestop, Burlingame, San Diego


  • “Mission: Valley” Ensemble improvisational live performance, The Ché Cafe, UCSD, San Diego
  • “TNT Garden” Community garden installation & series of free workshops, Bushwick Public Library, Brooklyn
  • “Bushwick Brewing History” Presentation on the history of beer brewing in Brooklyn, Bronx Yacht Club, Bronx
  • “W0RKF0RCE IV” Ensemble Multi-Media Performance in 3 parts, Whistlestop, Burlingame,San Diego
  • “Art=Relief” Beer brewed & bottled w/ Riyadh Drebika for Japan Tsunami Relief Art Show curated by Yutaka Sho, Studio X, NYC


  • “Maritiming” Sound Installation/Performance for opening of Marie Lorenz Solo Show, Jack Hanley Gallery, New York, NY
  • “Bushwick Food Coop Incorporation” Founding board member of a collective to provide healthy food for the community, Bushwick
  • “Green(est) Building” Radio Interviews on “The Farm Report”, (Episodes 23 + 55), Heritage Radio Network, Roberta’s, Bushwick
  • “Willoughby Avenue Block Party” Organized & Carried out block party for the residents, families & friends on our block, Bushwick


  • “Nautical Waste IV” Edmund Fitzgerald maritime disaster themed performance/installation, 234 Huron, Brooklyn
  • “Ruta Del Jaca” Film premiere  / radio Interview as actor in an independent film, Netherlands Film Festival, Utrecht, Holland
  • “Mountains Don’t Care, But WE Do!” Premiere of an award winning documentary about history of USMRA, Mt. Hood, OR
  • “Love Your Block” Got a grant from Citizens Commitee for NYC for 4 benches / street tree planters on Bogart Street, Bushwick


  • “Bikini Weather” Live sound poetry installation, part of a group of performers curated by Marshall Shuster, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
  • “TNT Flowerbombs” Presentation & workshop w/ Trees Not Trash on guerilla gardening at Bust! Craftacular, Brooklyn
  • “Money as Tool” Presentation about alternative history of coins and currency, with Melissa Brown, Drawing Center, New York
  • “Planter Box Building Workshop” Free DIY demonstration for urban gardeners, Build it Green Block Party, Queens, NY


  • “Also Starring…” Live set of performances with Charles Curtis & Jeff Perkins, The Tank, New York
  • “These Bagels Are Gnarly” Group ballpoint pen drawing show, curated by Rich Jacobs, Cinders Gallery, Brooklyn
  • “The Brother” Noise performance by Audience of One, opening for Lightning Bolt, N6th Club, Brooklyn
  • “Incoming” Group video/TV installation in a Wizard electronics store, curated by Birgit Rathsmann, Greenpoint, Brooklyn


  • “Magnet Show” Group installation on a derelict Richard Serra sculpture, Curated by Lan Tuazon, waterfront dock, Bronx
  • “Snoutstillation East” Multi-media installation w/ Jason Soares for grand opening of new Singing Serpent sound studio, New York
  • “Unstill Life” Kinetic sculpture installation/ live performance, High Desert Test Sites IV, Mojave Desert, California
  • “Space Invader” Design/installation of rooftop pattern (visible w/ Google Earth) Pea Hicks Residence, City Heights, San Diego


  • “A/Wake” Jackhammer operator in final St. Cecilia’s Theater ensemble performance, Sledgehammer Theater, San Diego
  • “R.I.P. R.F.T.C.” Live projected media installation for last Rocket From The Crypt Concert, Westin Hotel Ballroom, San Diego
  • “W0RKF0RCE I” Inaugural Ensemble Multi-Media Performance, w/ Old Time Relijun, Voltaire Street Space, San Diego
  • “Night of the Living” Noise installation/feedback performance with Bob Bellerue, 18th St. Arts Center, Santa Monica


  • “Strange Animal” Group show coinciding with High Desert Test Sites III, curated by Andrea Zittel, Lace Gallery, Los Angeles
  • “Gringaso” Day-long set of site specific performances & installations throughout the city of Huaraz, Ancash, Peru
  • “Ruta Del Jaca” Principal actor/art collaborator in independent Dutch documdrama filmed and screened throughout Peru
  • “Artesonraju” Live beatbox performance with Peruvian popstar Sonia Morales, free show for the residents of Huaraz, Peru


  • “Rowdy Remix” Group curated multimedia show, ATM Gallery, New York
  • “Energy Language Synthesizer” Live installation of new phoneme modeling device, High Desert Test Sites II, Joshua Tree, California
  • “Bonsai Succulent Experiment” Spring Show, ITP, Tisch School of The Arts, NYU, New York
  • “Defiance” Anti-war activism group show against impending Iraq invasion, Udi Aloni Gallery, New York


  • “Ferrofluid Synthesizer” Installation/performance (collaboration with Jimmie Chung), Winter Group Show, ITP, NYU, New York
  • “A01” Group presentation of live interactive performances as part of a showcase of experimental work, Tonic Space, New York
  • “The Persia Experiment” Multi-media presentation of overland journey from Germany to Iran & back in 2002, NYU, New York
  • “Souljinx” played drums live with Soul Junk, opened for Sufjan Stevens & Danielson Familie at The Knitting Factory, New York


  • “Proxy” Live simulcast performance (San Diego to New York) w/ Bill Duckworth & Aspects of Physics, Galapagos Space, Brooklyn
  • “Ghost Machine”  Group installation / performance set up on a construction scaffolding, Yale University, Connecticut
  • “Yama No Ongaku” Performance using an original instrument in a raquetball court at Tisch School of The Arts, NYU, New York
  • “Enemies of The State”   Costumed performance art event curated along with Rich Jacobs, Carroll Gardens, Brooklyn


  • “Aspects of Energy” Presentation of Energy Language Project & Performance w/ Aspects of Physics, Spruce St. Forum, San Diego
  • “Fruitsuit” Live workshop / performance of costume & helmet combination made entirely of fresh produce, San Diego
  • “Jumbled Terrain” Live ensemble multi-media performance of an original science-fiction scenario, Plasticratic Space, San Diego


  • “Budda no Shigoto” – Hand made & installed 2 signs outside the Yamanashi Peace Pagoda (Buddhist Temple), Kofu-Shi, Japan
  • “A New Lingua Franca” – Free presentation on the potential of Universal Languages, Kofu Cultural Center, Yamanashi, Japan


  • “TOEFL Workshop” Presentation with Nathan Longen for students of the Smolniy Institute, St. Petersburg, Russia


  • “Glass House Recordings” – Group sound performance with Pall Jenkins & Jason Soares, Museum of Modern Art, La Jolla


  • “Altron Tube” Ensemble live performance / noise installation from inside a fort in the courtyard of Ché Cafe, UCSD, San Diego
  • “Fly-By Night” Curated evening of projected films, home movies & animations on an outdoor screen, Banker’s Hill, San Diego


  • “Concourse Assault” Guerilla go-carting session / performance on the roof of the Concourse parking structure, San Diego
  • “Low Fly Zone”  Extensive touring throughout US & Europe as live projectionist with San Diego-based band Three Mile Pilot.


  • “Tartuffe”  Played title role in a production of Moliere’s classic play at the University of San Diego Theater Department.
  • “Panaeonic Underworld Journey” 9-part multi-media performance with 3 Mile Pilot, Ruse Public Theater, San Diego

Miscellaneous Linkage

I have worked in a wide variety of trades over the years, including many that do not bear mention here…in the interest of concision, some notable ones are as follows.
Topograph Media, as owner/operator of an independent video production entity, focusing on mountain rescue safety & history.
Media Arts Center San Diego, teaching new media literacy, full spectrum video production, and arts & technology workshops.
The Quad Manhattan, as Director of Technologies for a school & high tech recreation center for special needs youth in Manhattan.
Build It Green NYC, as a deconstructionist / greenbuilding specialist at the largest salvaged materials wherehouse in New York City.
electronic mail: fmathlorenz at gmail dot com